The Consultant with Pink Hair

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The Seminar

“Who are you?” asked the man on the stage.
The room was silent.
He looked out into the audience, his expression adding weight to
his words.
Slowly he moved to the edge of the stage, looking into the crowd
of business owners, challenging and inviting them at the same time.
He asked again: “Tell me, people — who are you?”
Audience members shuffled and averted their eyes when he looked
their way, afraid he might single them out for a response.
He paused with the hope that someone might respond. No one
did, so he continued.
“My friends… your reputation in the market — also known as
your market position — is critical to the success of your business,”
he said.
“You need to make it easy for potential customers to recognize
what your business means to them.”
“Ask yourself what your business is known for, and better at than
your competitors.”
In the audience, Andrew leaned over and whispered to his business partner. “Lou — what do you think our firm is known for?”
“I don’t know,” said Lou, barely hiding his lack of interest in the
“Me either…” said Andrew, barely hiding his concern.

Published by Beyond Referrals
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Printed in Canada by Friesens Altona, Manitoba, Canada
Second Edition, 2022
Published simultaneously in print, electronic, and print-on-demand format
Print ISBN — 978-0-9867041-2-3

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