Who We Are

We Are Collaborators.

Now in our third decade, Beyond Referrals has worked with entrepreneurs, established companies, professional associations, conferences and universities in Canada, the United States, Spain, England, Germany, France, and Switzerland.

About Our Principals

Cal Harrison began his career as an artist in the art department of a Canadian ad agency, worked as an account manager for one of the largest ad agencies in the world, spent eight years working for government, has taught at three universities in Canada, and has written three books on the subject of buying and selling things that are custom, complex, and costly.

In 2001 Cal launched Beyond Referrals 1.0 which specialized in sales and marketing advice for professional services firms.

Today, Beyond Referrals 2.0 works with hundreds of staff, clients, and partners around the world, on projects that need help growing from ideas into revenue, or growing new sources of revenue.

A key part of that is finding the right people for us, and our clients, to help build their business.

Our head office is located at 800-136 Market Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and our staff and partners are scattered throughout Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

We work with MBAs, CPAs, business owners, artists, storytellers, IT professionals, business students, scientists, dreamers, and entrepreneurs that don’t yet know how hard their journey will be.

Our goal is to make that journey as easy and as profitable as possible.