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“I attended one of your sales training sessions probably 5 years ago now and still apply some of what I learned today! You are an amazing trainer.”


20160526_080403If You Must Respond to A Request for Proposal, Make Sure You Win

Half Day Seminar
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 1:30 to 4:30 PM

The Manitoba Club, 194 Broadway
Winnipeg, Canada

Minimize your RFP response costs and maximize your win percentage and profit (without going crazy in the process).

Let’s face it, if you sell your goods or services to any level of government or large organization you are going to have to respond to RFPs even though it’s such a bad process that in 1972 the US Federal Government made it illegal to use price-based RFPs when hiring certain types of vendors.

(Since then 46 states have also made it illegal – I will explain more about all this in the seminar.)

But here in Canada the price-based RFP is still the norm and until that changes (and I am doing my best to make that happen – see you must get better at responding to RFPs in order to minimize your RFP response costs and maximize your win percentage, new revenue, and profit (and not go crazy in the process).

What You Will Learn
In this three hour seminar you will learn four critical skills.

    • Finding Opportunities to Sell to Government and Large Firms Without Having to Respond to RFPs
    • How to Make Better Decisions About When, and When Not, to Respond to RFPs
    • How to Help Your Potential Clients Stop Using RFPs (and What They Should Use in its Place)
    • How to Maximize Your Chances of Winning an RFP

Who Should Attend?
This seminar is designed for firms that sell custom, complex, and costly, goods and/or services to governments and other organizations that purchase using the typical price-based Request for Proposal.

The content is designed for individuals with limited to moderate RFP experience that would like to achieve a much greater level of expertise in the subject area and reduce RFP response costs while maximizing new revenue and profit.

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About The Manitoba Club

  • Business casual dress code is in effect.
  • Beverages and light snacks will be provided.
  • Please advise us in advance of any allergies.
  • Parking is available at The Hotel Fort Garry next door.

About the Instructor
Cal Harrison Dipl. Adv. Art, BA, MBA, CMC

As the founder of Beyond Referrals, Cal has been providing sales and marketing training and consulting to organizations for almost 20 years and his clients include Harvard Business School Alumni (Chicago), large architecture and law firms, ad agencies, design firms, technology firms and hundreds more.

He is also an advisor and trainer to governments and large organizations that want to get rid of the price-based Request for Proposal selection process and implement the Qualifications Based Selection procurement process. Those clients include organizations like Supply Chain Management Association of Canada, American Public Works Association, Association of Manitoba Municipalities, and hundreds more universities, governments, and organizations across North America.

Cal is also the founder of QBS Canada, a national advocacy group that is inspiring governments and large organizations across the nation to adopt Qualifications Based Selection in place of the price-based Request for Proposal process when hiring vendors.

He has written two books, The Consultant with Pink Hair, and Buying Professional Services: Replacing the Price-based Request for Proposal with Qualifications Based Selection, and written hundreds of articles appearing in dozens of publications around the globe.

He has delivered a TEDx talk as well as hundreds of speeches for associations, universities, companies, and governments from Saskatoon to Spain.





This one-day seminar is perfect for individual consultants that are new to the selling role, or that want to take their existing skills to the next level – the focus is squarely on improving personal selling skills across the sales process from lead generation to closing.

It’s a great program for creating consistency of individual sales activity across a consulting practice and adding structure to group sales activities. Over the course of one day we use individual and group exercises with discussion and lectures.


  • Selling Expertise – An Overview
  • Understanding, Assessing, and Responding to B2B Buyer Behavior
  • Working Lunch & RFP Discussion
  • Measuring Professional Services Business Development Activity and Progress
  • Lead Generation Activities for Consulting Professionals
  • Closing Skills for Consulting Professionals

Optional Add On: The Oxicon Personal Sales Motivation Assessment – designed to illustrate an individual’s intrinsic motivational profile specifically as it relates  to selling professional services. The results are used to understand the likelihood of an individual to actually do sales related activities so they can manage weaknesses and exploit their strengths.

Optional Add-On: Sales Meetings – Cal can attend sales meetings immediately after the training is complete to help reinforce and embed the processes into the organization and answer any questions that come from the implementation of the learning.

Optional Add-On: Personal Coaching – Cal can provide personal telephone coaching to individuals after the training to help implement the personal selling skills acquired in the seminar.


Beyond Referrals also works with buyers of professional services in government, academia and the private sector to teach ways to reduce the costs and increase the accuracy of professional services vendor selection processes.




  • Improving Response Rates and Quality of Responses to A Professional Services RFP
  • Avoiding Legal Liability in A Professional Services RFP
  • Creating Accurate Evaluation Criteria in A Professional Services RFP

“Your knowledge and insights on the subject, coupled with your sense of humour, made for an enjoyable and informative presentation. If more vendors would practice your recommendations, the RFP process could be a lot less painful for buyers and vendors alike!”

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Contact us at 1.866.820.0561 or for a free review copy of The Consultant with Pink Hair or Qualifications Based Selection so you can evaluate our expertise first-hand. We’ll be pleased to send one out to you right away.

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The Consultant with Pink Hair

"This should be required reading for consultants AND their clients - especially the part about RFPs." - Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching

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