Sales Skills for Non-Sales Professionals

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April 24th

Selling Made Simple

“A must see presentation for anyone trying to expand their consulting business.”

Join Cal Harrison on a one day seminar designed specifically to improve sales skills for non-sales professionals with new or increasing sales responsibilities.

This course is a great career step for professionals thinking about the path to partnership or more senior roles within a firm.

Friday April 24, 2015
The Manitoba Club, 194 Broadway, Winnipeg, Canada

Designed for non-sales professionals including architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, IT practitioners and consultants to help them bring more new clients into their firm. Cal will provide increased personal selling skills and sales confidence, so that non-sales professionals learn to comfortably recognize, generate, advance and close B2B sales opportunities.

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$549 per person ($349 for a second attendee from the same firm)

Includes a delicious Manitoba Club lunch and two refreshment breaks

Selling Made Comfortable

Our methodology is a perfect balance of professionalism, assertiveness and respect to help experts sell their advice based on it’s value and not on their hours. Our training is designed to help professionals with new or increasing sales responsibilities to:

  • Integrate sales into everyday activities so that they can increase new leads and always be attracting new clients
  • Understand how to sell expertise – an intangible, but very valuable asset – in a way that makes sense to your clients and maximizes your value
  • Become comfortable having potentially awkward discussions with potential clients about issues like budgets and their selection process so that they can reduce the length of the sales cycle
  • Understand the way professional services clients buy your services so that consultants can engage appropriately at any point in their buying journey and help them make buying decisions more efficiently
  • Understand the one key element that drives RFP wins so that they can make better decisions about RFPs and maximize wins

We will teach professionals to support and complement existing selling activity within your organization so that they can start bringing in new clients on their own as well as part of a larger team.

This course is a great career step for professionals thinking about the path to partnership or more senior roles within a firm.

Attendees will leave with with new professional sales skills and a personalized lead generation plan to put them to use immediately.

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Learning Made Easy

8:45 Arrival and Coffee Service 

9:00 Selling Expertise – The Experts Secrets

  • Positioning A Professional Services Practice:
  • Defining, Communicating and Proving The Expertise You Are Selling
  • Why Positioning on Expertise Matters to Buyers
  • Explaining the Roles of Relationships, Methodologies, People, and Branding

10:00 Understanding, Assessing, and Managing B2B Buyer Behavior

  • Understanding the Stages of B2B Buying
  • Getting Comfortable in a Sales Role
  • The ANTB Method to Identify Early vs. Late Stage B2B Buyers
  • Appropriate Goals and Effective Responses for Early vs. Late Stage B2B Buyers

12:00 Working Lunch & RFP Discussion 

  • Making Better “Go-No Go” RFP Decisions
  • Repositioning RFP Competitions 

1:00 Measuring B2B Business Development Activity and Progress

  • Key Performance Indicators of Sales Success
  • Creating Your Personal Sales Success Metrics
  • Building Sales Activities into Your Daily Routine

2:00 Lead Generation Activities for Consulting Professionals

  • Creating Your Personal Lead Generation Plan
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Paid Advertising/PR
    • Industry Leadership (speaking, writing, teaching)
    • Networking and Referrals
    • Reaching out to Potential Clients via Email or Phone

3:30 Closing Skills for Consulting Professionals

  • Closing Styles Appropriate for Consulting Professionals
  • Overcoming Consulting Based Objections
  • Closing With Process Based Case Studies

4:30 End

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  • Seminar Fee
    • $549 plus taxes (includes refreshments and lunch)
    • Add one additional participant from the same organization with every full-rate participant for only $349 (plus taxes)
    • Register on or before April 15th and you will automatically receive a free personal coaching session with Cal Harrison – a $125 value

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  • OPTIONAL: Oxicon Personal Sales Motivation Profile
    • Add this online assessment only if you’d like to find out more about your own intrinsic motivational profile specifically as it relates to selling professional services.
    • The results are used to understand the likelihood of an individual to actually do sales related activities so they can manage weaknesses and exploit their strengths.
    • With this option the explanation and discussion of results will be provided in a 30 minute phone call prior to the training (ideally these should be completed approximately one week prior to the training).
    • $199 plus taxes

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  • OPTIONAL: Personal Coaching
    • Add this only if you’d like more personal advice after the seminar to help implement the personal selling skills acquired in the seminar.
    • $125/30 minute session (this can be purchased any time before or after the training) or;
    • $500 for 5 sessions

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