Qualifications Based Selection Seminar – Winnipeg June 27, 2016

Half Day Seminar for Elected Officials, Administrators, and Procurement Professionals in Municipal Government

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Monday June 27, 2016 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM CanadInns Hotel, POLO PARK, Winnipeg, MB

Implementing Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) to Save Your Municipality More Money and Generate Better Projects Than a Price-Based RFP

“Cal, I really enjoyed your presentation on QBS at the Municipal Officials Seminar. It makes total sense.”
(Association of Manitoba Municipalities 2016 attendee)

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Save $50 with Early Bird Pricing Until June 22nd

Since 1972 it has been illegal in the United States to include price as an evaluation criterion when selecting an architecture or engineering firm for federally funded projects. In that time 46 states have also adopted similar legislation.

So why do Canadian organizations cling to the myth that a price-based RFP for architecture, engineering or other professional services provides the greatest value, when Canada’s largest trading partner made the process illegal 44 years ago?

Join Cal Harrison as he uses real data gathered over the last 44 years to expose the false logic behind the use of a price-based RFP and explains how to implement the QBS alternative already used in the United States – and by more and more organizations in Canada.

Benefits of QBS: Research on the QBS procurement methodology identifies that QBS provides many benefits to buyers and end-users including:

  • Reduced procurement time and costs
  • Reduced industry proposal writing costs (costs that are always passed along to the buyers)
  • Increased project costing and scheduling accuracy
  • Greater innovation in projects
  • Lower operating costs for built environments
  • Greater protection against procurement fraud
  • Greater project satisfaction by end users

Who Should Attend: This seminar will be of interest to elected officials, administrators, and procurement professionals in municipal government that would like to learn and implement Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) – the North American best-practice for procuring professional services. QBS is typically utilized when procuring:

  • Architecture/Interior Design
  • Engineering
  • Advertising/Graphic Design/Writing/Photography/Translation/etc.
  • Market Research
  • Management Consulting
  • Legal
  • Construction Management
  • Association Management
  • Accounting
  • Any services where there are a variety of potential solution designs and where simply identifying specs or standards is not easy.

What You Will Learn: The seminar is designed to get you ready to do your first QBS procurement covering the following:

  • What is QBS and what is NOT QBS
  • Selecting your evaluation team
  • How to write an outcome based (instead of spec based) project summary
  • How to create meaningful, objective and defensible evaluation criteria and scoring systems that don’t include price
  • How to communicate the advantages of QBS to your community
  • How to handle the budget discussion – disclosure versus two envelopes
  • The purpose and format of the interview process
  • Negotiating an agreement with the most qualified vendor

Save $50 with Early Bird Pricing Until June 22nd: Only $249 (plus GST) per person. $299 per person (plus GST) after June 22nd.

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Group Discounts: Contact Cal at Cal@BeyondReferrals.com or 1 (204) 293-2411 for information on group discounts for more than 3 attendees from one municipality.

Format: A half-day, live seminar with supporting videos, QBS documents, participant interaction, and group discussion. All attendees will be provided a free digital copy of Cal Harrison’s $99 QBS manual Buying Professional Services: Replacing the Price-Based Request for Proposal with Qualifications Based Selection. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

About Cal Harrison: Cal is the President of Beyond Referrals a management consulting firm and the author of two books including Buying Professional Services: Using Qualifications Based Selection to Replace the Price-Based Request for Proposal.

He is also the Founder and President of QBS Canada, a coalition of Canadian professionals and associations advocating for QBS in Canada.

Cal has been a long-time lecturer at three universities in Canada and regularly speaks on the procurement of professional services in North America, the Caribbean and Europe for groups such as Harvard Business School Alumni, American Public Works Association, Deusto University and SCMA(PMAC).

For more information about Qualifications Based Selection visit www.QBSCanada.ca

Early Praise: Comments from recent attendees to Cal’s one-hour version of the QBS session are below.

“Hi Cal, I wanted to thank you for the presentation at the Municipal Officials Seminar. It was very interesting and one of the best presentations that they had. I would like to request a copy of the QBS manual as this sounds very interesting and would be something that our municipality could look at using going forward.”

“Cal, sitting in your great session at AMM and would love to get a copy of your book. Your session was very insightful and has given me a lot to think about.”

“Hi Cal, just listened to your presentation at the AMM. Very interesting and a bit of an eye opener”

“Your presentation was excellent – thank you. Would love a copy of your book. Take care and best of luck. Hope to be able to see you present again in the future.”

“Thank you for your presentation at AMM MOS – very interesting.

I would love to receive your book!”

“Great presentation by the way, was a big eye opener for us.”

“Thanks for the insight looking forward to the manual and sharing with council.”

“Cal–please send me a copy of your book. I enjoyed your presentation and look forward to sharing your thoughts with Council.”

“Your presentation was enjoyable and we would like to use QBS principles for some projects/procurements in the near future.”

“Cal, I really enjoyed your presentation on QBS at the MMA Municipal Officials Seminar. It makes total sense. I’d like to accept your offer of a free copy of your QBS Manual. Thank you for your generous offer.”

“Excellent presentation today at AMM’s Municipal Officials Seminar!”

“Thank you for the information and inspiration in your speech today at the MOS Meeting in Brandon. I enjoyed listening to you speak about QBS and I am intrigued to read your book.”

“Thanks for the presentation at Brandon. I started talking about QBS last night at our council meeting. Would you please send me a copy of your book”

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