Positioning A Professional Services Firm: E-Learning

An online self-study program designed for management consultants, architects, lawyers, engineers, IT consultants or other consulting professionals – operating an independent practice or in a larger firm.

This two hour recorded webinar will walk you through the process of defining your optimal market position based on high-value expertise so you can master the critical skill of selling your valuable advice.

This recording will give you new skills, new confidence, and your own step-by-step plan that you can implement to to grow your practice immediately by DEFINING, COMMUNICATING and PROVING your valuable expertise.

BEY bw logo (800x258)You can be completed in less than half a day but because we know you’ll want to keep coming back to it, your registration provides unlimited online access for 2 months allowing you to go as quickly, or as slowly, as you like to implement your new positioning skills and grow your practice at the pace that suits you, your lifestyle, and your schedule with plenty of flexibility for other commitments.

What You Will Achieve: DEFINING, COMMUNICATING and PROVING your expertise is about defining a strategic direction for your firm built on expertise that can be communicated in one powerful positioning statement and is designed to attract and engage your community of potential clients.

slider2Positioning is about creating a one-sentence strategic plan as the foundation for all sales and marketing activity within a professional services firm and the only way to ditch your pursuit of RFPs forever.

It’s all about clearly DEFINING, COMMUNICATING and PROVING your value to a potential client so that they find, explore and then engage with your firm.

This is not a branding exercise,
you are not creating a unique sales proposition,
this is not an elevator pitch,
and it is not about your mission or vision.

This is strategic planning to map your firms future and is designed specifically to help your potential clients find, and buy from, your firm – often without a competition.

Grow From Price-Based Generalist
to High-Fee Expert

This lesson includes tools you will use to define your expertise-based position in the market. You will learn how to define, communicate and prove your expertise to the market place.

The Beyond Referrals™ Guarantee

“Our Self-Study Program gives you the information, skills, and processes you need to increase your fees, shorten your clients buying time, and reduce your sales costs. If after purchasing our program, you don’t see how our advice is going to help you achieve all three, we will be pleased to refund 100% of your purchase price –
immediately, and without question.”

Cal Harrison, President
MBA, Certified Management Consultant

Positioning A Professional Services Firm:
Your Transformation From Low-Fee Generalist to
High-Fee Expert

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The Consultant with Pink Hair

Cal I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation and thought you gave to our industry. It was very valuable and very interesting. - Alberta Conference

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