Newfangled 2017 Benchmarks for Digital Marketing

If you’ve heard me speak about digital marketing for professional services firms you know that I rely heavily on the insights of Mark O’Brien and his team at Newfangled in North Carolina.

On March 7th, Mark and his team released their 2017 Benchmarks for Agency Digital Marketing. While the paper is geared toward ad agency marketing it is a great proxy for all professional services and I encourage you to read it.

A few of the highlights include new details about word volume to publish each month, number of team members creating content, and size of email database as well as new info on marketing automation.

You can access the report on their home page. Just scroll down and it will be on the right side of the page.

They also have a great 2 day seminar May 3-5 in Chapel Hill North Carolina if you are interested in learning more from these masters. Details are available on their website.

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