The Consultant with Pink Hair

The Consultant with Pink Hair is a hard-cover (and e-book) 200 page story about the owners of a small consulting firm and the challenges they face trying to determine exactly why clients choose to hire or not hire them.

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What architects, engineers, lawyers, and consultants are
saying about the book…

“I have to say that this ranks up there in terms of business books that I would recommend to someone running an agency or consultancy…
I wish more business books took this approach.”
– Amazon reviewer

– Reader e-mail

“I am in LOVE with the storytelling approach!”
– Tweet

“Being in the IT Solutions service industry, the presentation and book were both very relevant. I’ve already finished the book, was a very good read and very inspiring. Actually couldn’t put it down when I had the chance to read it.
Take care and best of luck in your fight against RFPs. I’m with you.

– LinkedIn reader

“Gleaning my business books. The best one? The Consultant with Pink Hair by @calharrisonca. Professionals serv firm must read. #marketing”
– Tweet

“This is a great resource for any consultant. It’s an easy read and very informative…”
– Amazon reviewer

“This book is a “must read” for anyone in the professional services sector. Andrew Braun and Lou Di Angelo may be fictional characters, but their dilemmas, discussions and debates are shared by every real life consultant. The story is an easy read, but is jam packed with practical advice. Read it now!”
– Amazon reviewer

“I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve picked up this book. I read the manuscript to offer a review and I’ve read it cover to cover twice since. I still find myself going back to it and re-reading some of the lessons – all this on a subject that I didn’t think I had much more to learn. You know the author’s done his job when he gets you to rethink your own long-held assumptions on a topic.

I love the business novel format. This really is The Goal for professionals. It’s easy to imagine how, in the hands of a less skilled writer, framing the lessons around a fictional consulting firm and its two principals could seem contrived and corny but Harrison writes like he’s been there. The story is engrossing and the lessons invaluable. I know the target is professionals but there are universal and timeless business lessons here for anyone who’s trying to carve out his place in a market.”
– Amazon reviewer



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The Consultant with Pink Hair

"This should be required reading for consultants AND their clients - especially the part about RFPs." - Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching

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