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  • The ICA unveiled its guide to QBS, the opening salvo in what president and CEO Scott Knox says will be an international effort to create awareness and affinity for the approach. Read the entire article. Read more »



  • A survey conducted recently by QBS Canada, questioned Winnipeg civic election candidates about exploring new ways of hiring architects, engineers, and construction management firms to design and build Winnipeg’s infrastructure. Currently Winnipeg uses a hiring process that favours low-bidders over … Read more »



  • In its ongoing push against the price-based Request for Proposal, QBS Canada has recently published a new report outlining the benefits of QBS when communities are hiring contract engineering, architecture and construction management firms. The 34 page report and the … Read more »



  • 46 Years after the US federal government made it law, the Canadian government has decided to pilot QBS procurement for engineering and architecture services. Read the ACEC press release below… Federal Government Plans QBS Pilot – Seeks Industry Input Office … Read more »



  • If You Must Respond to A Request for Proposal Make Sure You Win Half Day Seminar Wednesday, September 27, 2017 1:30 to 4:30 PM The Manitoba Club, 194 Broadway Winnipeg, Canada Minimize your RFP response costs and maximize your win … Read more »



  • The simple answer is “No”. The more accurate answer is “That depends”. For decades, the Request for Proposal (RFP) has been identified as the enemy of value, life-cycle cost, quality, innovation, and cost certainty when buying complex, custom, and costly … Read more »



  • Understanding how to evaluate an RFP in order to make a better decision about participating is the number one way to keep your sales costs down, and your win percentages and profit up. In order to make better “Go vs. … Read more »



  • One of the most powerful business lessons I ever learned came from reading Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell (written by Tom Bower). At a young age Cowell already had a few fantastic failures including bankruptcy and moving … Read more »



  • If you’ve heard me speak about digital marketing for professional services firms you know that I rely heavily on the insights of Mark O’Brien and his team at Newfangled in North Carolina. On March 7th, Mark and his team released … Read more »



  • I have never met Tim Frick but was introduced to him via email yesterday when Andrew Boardman of Manoverboard Design sent me a link to an article Tim wrote that mentions some of my thoughts on the RFP process. Tim … Read more »



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