Beyond Referrals Professional Services RFP Template

Had a great webinar today with MarketingProfs where we covered some issues with the professional services RFP and  how to avoid the pitfalls of a “bad RFP”.

One of the participants asked if I had a template for a “good RFP” and I offered to post this template from my upcoming book on improving the professional services RFP.

It will make much more sense with the book wrapped around it but here’s what I can offer for now.

I hope this helps!

Professional Services RFP Template 

1.      Issuer Information and Contact Information

2.      Legal

a.      Indemnifications

b.      Lobbying and Conflict of Interest Policy

c.      Terms of Payment

d.      Disqualification/Appeal Process

e.      Debriefing Policy

f.       Other

3.      Current Situation Analysis

a.      Data

b.      Availability of Research

c.      Availability of Business plans

d.      Availability of Marketing plans

e.      Availability of other relevant documents that might be helpful in scoping a project

4.      Overview of Project

a.      What is the objective you need to achieve

                                                    i.     What functional expertise do you require?

                                                   ii.     What category expertise do you require?

                                                  iii.     What geographic expertise (if any) do you require?

b.      Timelines

c.      Unique or critical constraints or opportunities

d.      Who is the selection team vs. who will run this project

e.      Other

5.      Budget

6.      Mandatory Decision/Submission Criteria (Can Include Such Things As…)

a.      Availability

b.      Language

c.      Certifications

d.      Licenses

e.      Capacity

f.       Insurance coverage

g.     Proposal limit

h.      Scope of proposal (what is included and what is not – for example travel expenses)

i.       Other

7.      Evaluated Decision Criteria

a.      Criteria & Scoring Rubrics

                                                    i.     Functional expertise

                                                   ii.     Category expertise

                                                  iii.     Geographic expertise

b.      Weighting

8.      Proposal Submission Requirements

a.      Contact person

b.      Response to Mandatory Decision Criteria

c.      Response to Evaluated Decision Criteria (note that actual samples submitted can be electronic or attached as appendices)

                                                    i.     Project Team (Not scored but must be declared)

                                                   ii.     Process/Methodology

                                                  iii.     Process Based Case Studies

                                                 iv.     Process Integrity

                                                   v.     Relevant Research and Data

                                                 vi.     Articles/Papers

                                                vii.     Books

                                               viii.     Presentations

                                                 ix.     Awards

                                                   x.     Accreditations

                                                 xi.     Tie breaking process (interviews)

d.      Maximum X pages (if limits are required)

e.      Electronic vs. paper

f.       Submission label (if applicable)

g.     Other

9.      Post Award Feedback

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  1. Nicol says:

    Superb inafomrtion here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

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