Beyond Referrals

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Profit Can Be The Partner of Social Change.

Beyond Referrals builds businesses as an advisor, contract operator, or equity investor. Our best partners are those that are focused on both social good and profit.

What We Do

Product Development

We assist to guide new technology into products and/or services.

Corporate Development

We provide advice on developing corporate infrastructure that can scale, with a focus on recruitment of key staff.

Market Development

We find first customers and build scalable sales and marketing infrastructure.

Capital Development

We help our clients to generate pre-sales, to find economic and strategic investors, access government and other funding, and occasionally we also provide direct investment from our firm.


We publish written work on the subjects of business and social change.

Media Production

We act as developers, producers, as well as finance and marketing executives for TV, film and stage productions, as well as innovative projects in other media that work to advance social causes in Canada, and around the world.