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Changing the RFP one discussion at a time

It’s amazing what happens when you get professional services firms and their clients in a room together to discuss better ways to get engaged.

It becomes obvious very quickly that neither side likes using the price-based RFP as a selection process.

So what’s the solution?

Click here to find out.


  • Canadian Consulting Engineers recently published an article of mine about how frequently the cost of writing proposals for an RFP exceeds the value of the fees that the RFP winner will receive. RFPs Cost Way Too Much, Way Too Often … Read more »



  • A Winnipeg-based management consultant says it’s time to rethink the way we award contracts for professional services. Speaking at TEDxWinnipeg at the Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre on June 4, Cal Harrison argued in favour of scrapping the Request for Proposals … Read more »



  • Canadian Consulting Engineer Magazine recently published an article of mine on the high costs for clients when using RFPs to hire engineering firms. You can read the entire article here – Preparing Proposals Is A Costly Business – And Not Just For … Read more »



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The Consultant with Pink Hair

Cal I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation and thought you gave to our industry. It was very valuable and very interesting. - Alberta Conference

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